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We are fully committed to the sourcing and supply of responsibly caught and sustainable seafood from ports all around the UK and overseas. All our fresh and frozen seafood suppliers fish and farm responsibly and most are MSC certified. We also encourage the use of less well used varieties which are more easily sustained.

To quote George Eustice, The Fisheries Minister, ‘We now have a legally binding commitment to fishing sustainably and, as quotas are agreed to reflect this, our stocks should improve to ensure the long-term profitability of our fishing industry’.

We have chosen to specialise in frozen seafood so we are able to ensure that all our products are the freshest possible. Once the fish has been processed by our supplier, it is immediately vac packed and frozen (freshly frozen!).

This allows us to get the seafood direct to the customer, without having to go through a massive supply chain.


For our local deliveries, nearly all of the packaging we use to pack your orders is recyclable/compostable such as the boxes, ice packs and paper tape.

For national deliveries; we have chosen to use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) boxes to make sure your products come to you in the best condition possible. This type of polystyrene is recyclable in some areas; to find out if it can be recycled in yours and where to take it, please check with your council.

EPS can also be reused! Here are some ideas:

  • Plant pots (brilliant to insulate roots)
  • Crocks in plant pots (much lighter than heavy soil)
  • Insulation
  • Make artwork or to mount picture on walls

To keep your products completely frozen, we use dry ice which is Carbon dioxide (CO₂) in a solid state. At room temperature, it will transfer into gaseous form without residues. This gas is not flammable nor toxic.

We are a small family business and the materials we use are important to us. We aim to be using 100% recyclable/compostable materials within the next 2 years .