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Here at the Pure Oyster Company we have a friendly, enthusiastic team ready to work with you to fulfill all your requirements.

We have kept the old-fashioned values from our 115 year history but with a modern approach to the future with quality being at the forefront of everything we do.

The great thing about Pure Oyster is that every customer is valued regardless of how small or large your order, 6 days a week delivery with no minimum order are just some the things as a customer you can expect.

All our seafood – fresh, frozen & live is all sourced directly from coastal ports or specialist importers from around the country, this has been our practice from the very start and by buying this way enables us to stock the freshest seafood that lasts for days not hours.

Staff Photo
Old Sail Boat

The George Tabor Company

Here you can see a sailing boat with the name ‘George Tabor’ on it.

George Tabor LTD (established 1914) is actually the parent company of The Pure Oyster Company (established 1907), let us explain……

The George Tabor company is actually so old it predates the foundation of Companies House, Est 1844 (Companies House being the UK government agency where you register a company, to make it official).

We don’t know exactly when the George Tabor company was created (there have been many George Tabors in the family over the centuries). However according to company research, records of the ‘Tabor’ family have been found trading in the seafood industry as far back as the 16th century, originating in Brightlingsea, Essex.

The company then created purification tanks for oysters which meant they were safe to eat, they sold these oysters under a different name, The Pure Oyster Company Limited, Established 1907.

In these photos are Joseph & Harold Tabor (brothers).

They were the Directors of The Pure Oyster Co from 18……

Joe worked closely with the government during the First World War, advising of import/food distribution in the UK.

Tabor Brothers

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